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Why I Play: Tianlin "2M2MC" Wang

October 12, 2023

By Cody Machan

When Tianlin Wang sits down, ready to compete with his Ohio State teammates, the name printed on the back of his jersey he wears isn’t his or a nickname made up by a teammate or friend.

Instead, it’s “prodigy,” the in-game name of his cousin Clarence Han, whom he credits for getting his gaming and personal career to where it is now.

“I just wanted to show my respect to him because he introduced me to the gaming,” Tianlin said. “I have a good connection with him.”

Meet Tianlin Wang: a second-year Information Systems major from Jinan, China, entering his second season as a middle laner for Ohio State’s League of Legends gray premier team. His in-game name is “2M2MC.”

Growing up, Tianlin was introduced to League of Legends by Clarence, who is four years older than him. Clarence moved to the United States to attend High School and returned during the summer after his freshman year to show Tianlin the ropes of the game.

“I completely fell in love with the game,” Tianlin said.

In 2015, Tianlin realized he had the potential to go competitive when he was close to reaching Challenger during season five. He joined some competitions and tournaments for the game and started to introduce himself to the esports scene.

In 2018, Tianlin followed in Clarence’s footsteps and came to the United States when he was 16 years old to finish high school and later attend college.

When it came time to decide on a university, Tianlin cited the campus tradition and the emerging esports program as reasons he committed to Ohio State.

“I love the campus, and I love the football team,” Tianlin said. “When I came here last year, I realized that we have the [esports] program, so I wished to use my ability to help the [esports] community and represent our school to make a contribution.”

Ohio State was a place where Tianlin could combine his passion for esports while still prioritizing his education, and he believes joining the League of Legends team brought him closer to the community.

“I really enjoy the moments we help each other out,” Tianlin said. “We communicate with each other, and we share the happiness of winning the game. I love that.”

After graduation, Tianlin has aspirations of getting a job in esports management.