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Esports Tryouts Begin and What Drives Player Competitiveness

August 28, 2023

Written By Cody Macham

As students entered the Esports Arena at Lincoln Tower last Thursday night, feelings of opportunity and excitement filled the air.

Ohio State League of Legends players put their skills and hours of preparation to the test when they tried out for the university's premier team, the same as what Rocket League, Overwatch 2, and Valorant players will do in the coming days.

It's no secret that competitive players are passionate about the games they play, but several reasons factor into their drive to compete and win.

Alex Hornsby, a regular visitor to the esports arena and gamer in his free time, likes the problem-solving component found in many titles.

"I find enjoyment in the higher end, systematic approach to things," Hornsby said. "Anything that's diving into why something works well, why this makes sense to do like this [appeals to me.]"

For many, the human element in gaming also plays a significant role. Mo Hambouta, a tryout player for the Legend of Legends premier roster, enjoys talking with his teammates and developing chemistry.

"It makes the game more fun," Hambouta said. "You get to meet new people and get to enjoy things other people enjoy as well in addition to just communicating with them, having fun, and trying at a competitive level as well."

Current League of Legends premier player Tyler Cox believes forming bonds with other players makes the victories much more impactful.

"I definitely say the team environment, just people to get to know really is a big part [of the experience], especially when you can meet new people and just win with them," Cox said. "That's super fun, so when you win big tournaments, you're all celebrating together."

Are you interested in joining a premier team? There's still time to sign up for Overwatch 2 and Valorant tryouts. Overwatch 2 tryouts will be held on August 31st, while Valorant will occur on September 1st, both from 7 to 10 p.m.

Players can sign up at