Office of Student Life


What Is The Esports Pass?

This fall, the Ohio State Esports Arena is introducing an esports pass for students on the Columbus campus. Costing $40 a semester, the esports pass will be required for students to use the esports arena starting on September 11.

Click this link to purchase an Esports Pass.

Leading up to the Esports Pass going into effect, the arena will offer a variety of exciting events for no cost to students on campus. Events such as Game Nights for titles such as Mario Kart and Quiplash as well as tournaments for titles such as NBA 2k23, Madden, Valorant, etc., to name a few. These events will continue after the esports pass goes into effect on September 11 and will recur through the following semesters.

Why is it needed? 

The pass is part of a slate of new events, improvements, ongoing maintenance, and other features coming to the arena over the 2023-2024 school year. A few examples of how the new pass will support the arena include: 

  • Purchasing New Games, Consoles, and other amenities
  • Create new events and activities in the arena
  • Support staff in the arena to coordinate activities and provide oversight
  • Update equipment and maintain the arena

How much will the Esports Pass cost? 

The fall 2023 semester Esports Pass is $40. 

When does the Esports Pass go into effect?

Students will require an esports pass to use the Ohio State Esports Arena starting on September 11, 2023 

Are guest passes available for purchase?

No, the arena is available only to current Ohio State students.

Will I be able to attend events in the Esports Arena without a pass 

Certain events, such as Game Nights, will be available to the entire Ohio State student population.

Most events will require a pass to participate. 

What does the Esports Pass provide students?

  • Unlimited use of the arena’s consoles, PCs, and Virtual Reality equipment while the facility is open.
  • Free rentals of console games, controllers, and headsets while in the esports arena. 
  • Entrance to the various events held in the esports arena throughout the semester.

How do I purchase the pass? 

You can purchase the pass by clicking this link or visiting the website.